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The firm is dedicated to providing high quality service in timber and land management, including timber sale administration, logging compliance and financial monitoring and auditing of operations. The company has implemented the latest GPS and GIS technology in all activities related to forest and land management, hunting lease administration, land sales and acquisition services, conservation easement appraisals and consulting, hurricane, wildfire and timber trespass assessments and in forest appraisal projects.

The firm represents sellers and buyers of southern timberland, recreational tracts and forest related industrial sites and facilities. The firm’s principal has advised both local and regional clients on sale or purchase decisions and has a background in complex negotiations between parties. The firm strives to optimize the client’s position by insuring that accurate due diligence work and analyses are completed before a sale or purchase is made. The firm helps clients develop marketing and acquisition strategies, which are enhanced by the firm’s knowledge of diverse markets, as well as contacts in local and regional land and timber markets.

The principal, Edward F. Travis, serves on the board of the Alabama Forest Resources Center (AFRC) which is a land trust seeking and managing conservation easements on forestlands.
Ed is also available for conservation easement appraisals and has worked in numerous southeastern states over the years

The firm is active in planning, conducting and monitoring prescribed burning operations for private and governmental entities, Longleaf  pine restoration efforts, as well as control of invasive exotic species.

Edward F Travis Company Inc utilizes GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technologies in all aspects of forest management, site analysis, and real estate appraisal/brokerage services.  With 10 years of experience using GIS and GPS, our capabilities are adapt for achieving our clients and staff demands for accurate information.  GIS is the primary support system for map based estimations, analysis, planning, and map production.  Our experience with infusing public sector GIS data, in-house GIS/GPS data, and aerial imagery provide a simple cost efficient platform for analysis, planning, and map production.  Use of GIS yields enhanced capabilities for forest management planning and land analysis which serve a myriad of project scenarios.  The result is more efficient and cost saving products for our clients, expanded analytical capabilities for our clients and staff, and greater decision making procedures for our employees and customers.       

Key benefits of GIS

  • Robust map production
  • Accurate acreage estimations
  • Superb visualization tool for proposals and planning
  • Oversee work of contractors through the exchange of GIS data. 
  • Provide contractors with precise locations for forest operations
  • Exceptional accountability, monitoring, and record management

Key benefits of GPS       

  • Enrich GIS data with sub-meter locations of pertinent features, events, and monitoring operations. 
  • GPS hardware is tasked for mapping features such as storm damaged timber, wildfire areas, invasive plant species, timber overcut areas, and other project specific map features. 

Edward F. Travis Company uses ESRI software and Topcon products